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"RudeBoi" zine (France) - January 2003


can you introduce the band?
Yes man! Gradinata Nord was born in january ’00, we released a cd-split w/Rebelde last year and several line-up changes brought the band to the current one: Papo (vocals), Alex McCoy & Nasty Abram (guitars), Bassman (bass) and Ciotti (drums)

main influences?
Uhm, Nabat, Motley Crue, Turbonegro, Business, Motorhead…these are the main influences, but the list could be endless!!!

what is 'Hard'n'Roll/Sleazy Oi!'?
Just take a look at our main influences and you’ll get the whole picture! By the way it’s basically Rock’n’Roll with both Hard Rock and Oi! touches, played by sleazy people!

all the songs i know from you are about football... is there any other subjects?
Not so many others! But, for sure, girls girls girls is another subject and sweet sailormen is another one (and I’m not joking!).

are you fan of Lecco? :)
Well, first line-up had two Lecco supporters in it, but now this Lecco-connection is no more. By the way some of us are sympathizers of that team. Real football-faith in the band goes from Inter to Atalanta to Genoa.

An Alien from the Rock'n'Roll planet (probably Mars) asks to join the band?
Yeah, it’s about our bassplayer! He’s the original Valtellina Rock’n’Roll clichè: sailor, pirate, cowboy, cos’ baby, he’s the real Bassman-boy!

on your website, we can see two sailors who look themselves in the eyes... are you gay?
Well, we can say that if you play in a men only-band you must have a little component of homosexuality!

you live near from switzerland... does it help you to play more gigs?
To tell you the truth…no! Even if we should play our first Switzerland gigs during next spring…Ah, we wonder if you French people hate the Switzerland-French ones?!!?

is it easy to organize gigs in italy?
If you mean if it’s easy to play live in Italy, we can say it’s quite easy, even if you have to face the usual working problems for the members in the band and the usual money and organization problems around!

how the people see the skinheads in italy?
Shaved, of course!

some italian bands (i won't give name, but one began by Klasse and the other begans by los fastidio :) change their attitude... they wre apolitical, and now they songs for rash and other stuffs like that... what do you thinks of that?
What’s Rash?!? Some relationships with Ian Rash (ops, no, he was Ian Rush!)?!? About the bands you mentioned, well, we don’t know ‘em personally, so we won’t judge. We can say we like Klasse Kriminale for music (first 3 Lp’s particularly) and down-to-earth attitude. Los Fastidios don’t excite us so much, both for music and attitude.

why did you choose Cantona for your sleeve? coz he talk about Seagulls? or maybe coz i make ads for Sharp? :)
It was a label-decision! We and Rebelde thought about a cover with our two bands facing themselves on a billiards table, but your half fellow countryman Robertò (boss of Valium Recordz) went for Eric Cantona!

do you know french bands?
Of course we do! Serge Gainsbourg, Charles Aznavour, Vanessa Paradis, Michel Platini (ops, he doesn’t sing, or not?!)

what do you think about our country?
…musta break those frenchies laws with those girls girls girls!!!! We wanna play in France!!!!!! Please help us!!!!!!!!!!

fave beers?

last words for the readers
Remember boys & girls: you’ll never walk alone! And don’t forget to pay a visit to our website: www.gradinatanord.com Thanx Olivier for this funny interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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