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Rockmetalbands.com - Febraury 2002


- Where and when did you find the idea for an Oi!-HC-HR band with ultrà lyrics?
The idea for such a band came to us when we were in a pub in the beginning of 2000. Actually we planned to play Oi!-Hc covers on a show and then split us, but it wasn't so! The ultra lyrics come from our passion for football and the stadium tiers we often go to, but our lyrics aren't all about that. It's just a case 4 of them are in the CD.

- Do you dedicate more time to football or music currently?
Definitely to music. In the current line-up only 3 members are fans of football and keep on going to the stadium.

- How did you find the contact and the deal with Valium Rec.?
Simply thanks to Rebelde! We decided to release a split-CD with them and when Rebelde recorded their side (long before us!), their guitarist Enrico began sending their recording to lots of labels; Valium's Roberto showed interest in that and accepted us without having even heard anything from us (but he wanted to listen to a tape of ours in the rehearsal room before the final OK)... the rest is history!

- Will you also be distributed abroad?
If you mean an official distribution different from a limited number of copies to a shop, then no, but in Italy some copies have been distributed by Goodfellas.

- Are you gonna record any other songs for your debut CD? When is it gonna be released? And by Valium again?
Well, first we should write the songs! At the moment we have 7, we hope to get to 11, so as to record next summer. As to the label, we'll see who'll dare to release us! We'll ask Roberto if he wants to be taken for a ride again!

- What about Valtellina's hardcore or hard rock scene?
It was much bettern in the 90's., even if now our local bands are more popular in all Italy. Regarding hardcore (including a lot of subgenres) we recommend that you listen to RedBloodHands, Gotcha!, Unabomber, Polar Bears, Obbrobrio; as for hard rock and heavy metal, the most interesting are Sluter, the old S.N.P. (coooool!/note of Markus); there's also a well developed Indie scene (Milaus, Skoda, Joseph C).

- Have you also started to use some refrains of your songs in the stadium?
Ha ha, nooo! But if some ultrahead did it, we'd be honoured by that.

- Your new guitarist Nasty Abram was humiliated by the meretrixes of your area. Can U explain to us what really happened that special night?
Actually nothing; we just copied that sentence from Motley Crue's book, The Dirt, when they talk about John Corabi's entry in the band. It really fitted the image of Nasty Abram!!!

- What about the live aspect?
Despite what almost all bands say, we are NOT a live band! We're just decent entertainers!

- As to the lyrics, I feel a contradiction between when you say to stop using blades and when you spur violence. Can you clear this doubt for us?
In a nutshell: the fight fist against fit and when the number of oppositors is the same is fair; the use of weapons (even worse if many against few people) is a vile act that only a bastard could do.

- Time for a greeting or message for your fans.
Do we have fans, maybe girls? I wish! Well, call us for a show in your city/village, we just ask for the trip reimbursement, food and a shack where to sleep if we're far from home; in change you'll get an indecent little show of Hard'n'Roll-Sleazy-Oi! from 5 Valtellinian wanna-be rockstars. To know more about us, check our website www.gradinatanord.com. and write to: info@gradinatanord.com . We thank you Markus for the interview and maybe we'll meet somewhere one day! (It's likely at the No mercy Festival.../Note of Markus).

interview and english translation by MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 25/2/03

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