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"Tripalium" (Filippine) - October 2003


1. First off, what does Gradinata Nord means?
It means North Side, more or less, and it was taken from a stadium-ticket. The first singer, who chose the name, thought it could be a good name for an Oi! band with lyrics mainly about football & hooligans, how we were at the beginning, when the line-up was very different.

2. Punk and football; how did you managed to combine this seemingly two very different things?
They’re not so different or distant! Just think about all those bands which speak about this subject in their lyrics or about those members of punk-hc bands who are strong supporters of some football team, even if their lyrics aren’t about that. When we started (back in january 2000) we were just a bunch of guys who shared the same passion for music & football and we wanted to put it in our songs.

3. How does the typical non-football fan approach your music and lyrics?
Well, someone said that we just speak about football and so they don’t like us… But it was a coincidence that the songs on the cd were about football & hooligans only (even if the song “tutti insieme” is more about social life), we had also songs about riots, work and social life in general, but they weren’t so good musically speaking! By the way new songs deal with different subjects (girls girls girls, sailormen life, summer beaches, motorcycle riding, plus the usual hool-football stuff), so maybe someone will start to look at us in a different way! Anyway we have a good following between football fans, but we are also followed by people who aren’t interested in football supporting at all.

4. The song Il Calcio… has a very violent theme, does that mean you support all the violence that are happening in football games?
Not every kind of violence, of course. But when violence is justified, we can support it: see the one against police brutality. By the way the clash between two different groups of supporters, who share the same will to start a riot, couldn’t be named as justified violence, but if no innocent people is involved (and no weapons are used, i.e. knives) we can be agree with it: it’s like a violent game.

5. In your other songs you seem to portray football as your life and religion, are football fans really that serious when it comes to supporting their fave teams or clubs?
Someone is, but we’re not that kind of people: don’t take our lyrics too serious! Football is just a passion for some of us, not a religion (fuck religions!) at all, and luckily we have also other important things in our lives!

6. What did you find very interesting in this sport?
If you speak about the sport part of football, well, it’s simple: tacticts, players, actions, goals, etc.etc. And don’t forget that it’s a game in which you win or lose and this provides suspense! Then there’s the supporters part: could you imagine a stadium without supporters?! It would be like a forest without trees!

7. What's the main goal of GN as a band and as a football fan?
As a band, well, record a new Cd, play around (especially outside Italy) and gain some new followers! As football fan, well, that my fave football team (Inter) will finally win an italian league!

8. Of course I have to ask you, who do you think rules in football these days?
Do you mean players? There are many good players, too many to list, but the god Maradona is still very far from ‘em!

9. And of course I know you love beer as well, what do you think is the best beer that you've tasted so far?
I’m the wrong guy to ask this question, since I’m the only one straight edge in the band! I’m sorry

10. Off to GN's music, can you tell us your influences?
Nowdays the band is mainly influenced by: Business, Turbonegro, Motley Crue, Cock Sparrer, Motorhead, Nabat, Hanoi Rocks. Music on the Cd was more Oi!-oriented.

11. How many releases have you got prior to the split CD with Rebelde?
No releases back then! That was our first effort!

12. Can you tell us a bit about Rebelde? How much do you know this band and what can you say about their brand of music?
We know the guys in the band quite well! We’re friends and we played together several times and sometimes we visited each other’s cities as well not only for musical reasons. They play a sort of Oi!-Core that nowdays has strong Black-Viking Metal influences (I’m not joking!)

13. One of your song in the CD was sung in English but the lyrics weren't included in the inlay card, why?
Simply because that’s a sort of Manowar “carry on” cover! That’s why!

14. How's the hardcore/punk scene in Italy?
I don’t know, I don’t follow it so much. There are so many new bands, but to be honest I prefer to listen our old Hc-Punk bands from the 80’s/early 90’s, nowdays bands don’t interest me at all.

15. Finally what's in store for Gradinata Nord fans in the near future?
We hope to record and release the new Cd (“Valtellina Boyz”) during next spring!

16. Thanx a lot. Final words are yours.
Final words…well, nothing special, just take a look at our website: www.gradinatanord.com and if you wanna contact us: info@gradinatanord.com Thanx Roel for the interview!!!!!

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