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"Fx-Zine" - October 2003


1. Name of Band and current members (plus, who is filling out the TQQs, too!)
We're called GRADINATA NORD. Line up is the following: Papo (vocals), Alex McCoy & Nasty Abram (guitars), Bassman (bass) and Ciotti (drums)

2. Year (and month?) Band was formed and Where
The band was born in January 2000 in Morbegno, Bassa Valtellina, extreme deep north of Italy!

3. Current release
"Valtellina Boyz", upcoming full-lenght CD out (hopefully!) in spring 2004...

4. All releases to date
"Il calcio è una cosa seria", split-CD w/Rebelde, out on Valium Recordz (Italy) in May 2002

5. Touring Band? How often?
Not so much, just some gigs here and there...27 gigs played from 2000 to recent days.

6. Favorite place to play?
Youth centers, pubs, ...it depends from people's mood anyway!

7. Influences include...
Business, Turbonegro, Motley Crue, Nabat, Motorhead.

8. Some local bands you like
RedBloodHands (new school Hc), Gotcha! (rap-core), Obbrobrio (black-grind), Skoda (elettro-pop), Joseph C (elettro-industrial), Unabomber (italian hc).

9. Best show you've seen (besides your own)
Just speaking about last years, Hanoi Rocks reunion in Milan (2002), attended by 3/5 of our band, that's for sure!

10. Ok, promote the Band (website, etc.)
We have this website: www.gradinatanord.com  and you can contact us here: info@gradinatanord.com
Thanx guys for the interview & the support!

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