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"Possessed" (Germany) - Febraury 2003


1) Please, tell us something about your band (history, members, recordings/ releases, livegigs, label? etc.).
The band was born in january ’00 with a very different line up. Members nowdays are: Papo (vocals), Alex (guitar), Nasty Abram (guitar), Bassman (bass) and Ciotti (drums). Our only release is “Il calcio è una cosa seria”, split-Cd with Rebelde (an italian Oi!-Core band) out on Valium Recordz (the label related to the Hellnation Record Store in Rome) last year. We didn’t play so many gigs until now, something like 20 or so.
For more infos you can check out our website: www.gradinatanord.com

2) How would you describe your position in the wide-world metal scene? What do you think about the underground movement?
Uhm, don’t know how much Gradinata Nord can fit in the Metal scene…we’re basically an Hard’n’Roll / Sleazy Oi! band! …Oi! music with strong Rock’n’Roll and Hard Rock influences, played by Sleazy people!
About the underground, well, we’re an underground band and between our members we have zine-makers and D.i.y.-distributors, so we support the whole underground movement, of course!

3) Which 3 CDs would you take with you to a lonely island?
Motorhead “Ace of spades”, Nabat “Un altro giorno di gloria” and Turbonegro “Apocalypse dudes”.

4) If you had enough money to shoot a video, how would the clip look like?
Something like “Girls girls girls” from Motley Crue!!!! …and maybe we’ll shoot a video for “Valley sleazy girls” from the new album (out before the end of the year)!

5) If you`ve the chance to change one day of your life. Which will it be and why?
Well, hard question…personally talking it’s impossible to find one day for every member, but as a band, mmhhh, we haven’t a day we’d like to change until now and we hope we’ll never have!

6) Which song shall be played on your burial?
For sure it would be “Carry on” from Manowar! (we did a cover-version of it on our Cd!)

7) If you had the chance to kill someone and to bring back one person in the same way, which would it be and why?
About the killing, the list would be endless! About bringing back to life…the same! …but we can name Bon Scott, a true rock’n’roller!

8) What means metal to you?
Metal is fun, metal is something you must love, metal bring us back to our youth days!

9) What is your opinion on political lyrics?
If they’re documented and well-done, without slogans and/or loudmouth-proclams, they’re ok. By the way, we’re not a political band.

10) What can we expect from your band in the future?
Let’s hope the new Cd before the end of the year!!!!

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